1 Word That Can Rob A Genious of Their Brilliance

''Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right” Henry Ford. ‘The word "can’t" makes strong people weak, blinds people who can see, saddens happy people, turns brave people into cowards, robs  a genius of their brilliance, causes rich people to think poor, and limits the achievements of that great person living inside us “ [...]

Fail,Faillure is Vital for Sucess-A Rare Priceless Advice.

Fail and fail big, Business Failure is vital for success. It offers countless opportunities to learn and grow. Most entrepreneurs had to go through failure before finding success. Poor people avoid failure. They live the whole of their poor life trying to be in a comfort zone.

This Will Make You Rich

  Start a Side Business Do you  want to become  rich?Are you tired of your 8 am to 5 pm job?  Do you feel that  your hard work is not recognized? well Starting a side business could be a solution to your problems. I am saying a side business because you don’t have to leave [...]

 How To Win Investors Trust .

This must be the place to invest my money in; says the Investor Do you know that Investors  do not only bet on your idea they also bet on you. Before any organization that provide finance to small businesses can decide to inject cash on your business, they will first try to find out if [...]

13 Things Entrepreneurs Should Know Before Starting Their Very First Business

  When you start your business for the very first time, you are entering the new world. You have never been in this world before therefore expect some shocks and surprises. These are part of the journey and they will help you grow. Running your own business might look easy when you are outside. You [...]

12 Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur

How do you know that you are an entrepreneur? Some people have all the signs that shows that they are entrepreneurs but they are still stuck to their 8am -5pm job because they do not see that possibility.  An  Entrepreneur have a passion to change things, they are innovative and creative. When they notice that there [...]