Hi,  I am Phemo

Journey to success is not easy but with guidance you can learn the codes to unlock your entrepreneurship skills

This blog is for  people who are thirsty for success.

I have been obsessed with the idea of becoming successful since high school. I remember one day at school, me and a group of friends were standing in the corridor waiting for the rain to stop so that we can go home. One of my friends commented “when it is raining like this, one needs a boyfriend with a car “I thought but the boyfriend’s car is not yours he can refuse to come and collect you or he could be held up somewhere.

My thinking was “when it is raining like this one needs to have a car” if you look at these two thinking’s they have the same concept: a car to rescue you from the rain.   But it is a true example of the saying;

Rich people do not think different they think differently.

I want to share my success story with people who think are paycheck material and fear to start their own businesses because they fear the unknown.

It’s all about determination if I have done it you can do it too. Persistence and Patience should be your middle name.

Join me on the road  and lets talk  success.