Who Is the Person In Your Mirror


The reflection of your true self?

“He who knows himself is wise”

“Inside you, there is a person you don’t know”

The person in the mirror is the authentic you. As an entrepreneur who is hiding the talent that can make this world a better place, you know that the picture that you have painted for the world to see is a lie.

Are you proud when you look at yourself in the mirror, or you are filled with regret that you could have started an enterprising a long time ago?

You cannot change whatever happened to you yesterday but you can stop the lie that you are living now and start to be the real you.

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and see a totally different person?

Challenge Yourself

Just take a mirror, look at yourself and answer these questions.

  • Is the person in the mirror a true reflection of you?
  • Are you going to take that great idea to the grave?
  • Who are you and what do you want in life?

To answer these questions, you must understand your life and take control of your existence so that you can see the true reflection of yourself in the mirror. Do not allow another person to replace you in the mirror

Just imagine, you are a talented entrepreneur but you are sitting there doing nothing while someone else’s name is mentioned next to your passion.

man closing his eyes reflection on mirror

Who is in my mirror

Let me tell you my personal experience,

After achieving a rewarding project, I normally look at myself in the mirror.

From time to time when I look into the mirror I see a different person. The person that I don’t understand.

Let me give a clear example. Every time I read my books I don’t believe it’s me who wrote them. The content is so great I sometimes become speechless.

How I did it, only God knows. Its pure talent, something that I cannot explain.

Looking at my image makes me realize that I have to stop these stumbling blocks and continue to recognize the face of my reflection.

I am a talented writer why am I not wring books? This is a million-dollar question that everyone who is like me should be asking themselves.

Start today

If you have not been asking yourself these questions, today is the day

How do you see your reflection if you have no ideas what face is before you in the mirror?

Is the person in the mirror the employee or the employer? I believe Most of my readers will see the employer because the fact that they are able to read this blog means that they are potential entrepreneurs.

The employees are happy with the paycheck and they have no reason to look themselves in the mirror.

Success is around the corner

When you see yourself looking in the mirror know that you are a step away to success, because you are ready to change.  You are now tired of your 9-5 job. You are tired of your efforts not being recognized and you want to be your own boss.

It is not easy to look in the mirror and see the image that you want to be. Some look in the mirror and hate what they see. When you look in the mirror you should see your authentic self and strive to be the entrepreneur you ought to be

photo of woman looking at the mirror

If today is your last day alive are you proud to face the man in the mirror? Have you used all the talents that God has given you?

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