Who Is the Person In Your Mirror


The reflection of your true self?

“He who knows himself is wise”

“Inside you, there is a person you don’t know”

The person in the mirror is the authentic you. As an entrepreneur who is hiding the talent that can make this world a better place, you know that the picture that you have painted for the world to see is a lie.

Are you proud when you look at yourself in the mirror, or you are filled with regret that you could have started an enterprising a long time ago?

You cannot change whatever happened to you yesterday but you can stop the lie that you are living now and start to be the real you.

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and see a totally different person?

Challenge Yourself

Just take a mirror, look at yourself and answer these questions.

  • Is the person in the mirror a true reflection of you?
  • Are you going to take that great idea to the grave?
  • Who are you and what do you want in life?

To answer these questions, you must understand your life and take control of your existence so that you can see the true reflection of yourself in the mirror. Do not allow another person to replace you in the mirror

Just imagine, you are a talented entrepreneur but you are sitting there doing nothing while someone else’s name is mentioned next to your passion.

man closing his eyes reflection on mirror

Who is in my mirror

Let me tell you my personal experience,

After achieving a rewarding project, I normally look at myself in the mirror.

From time to time when I look into the mirror I see a different person. The person that I don’t understand.

Let me give a clear example. Every time I read my books I don’t believe it’s me who wrote them. The content is so great I sometimes become speechless.

How I did it, only God knows. Its pure talent, something that I cannot explain.

Looking at my image makes me realize that I have to stop these stumbling blocks and continue to recognize the face of my reflection.

I am a talented writer why am I not wring books? This is a million-dollar question that everyone who is like me should be asking themselves.

Start today

If you have not been asking yourself these questions, today is the day

How do you see your reflection if you have no ideas what face is before you in the mirror?

Is the person in the mirror the employee or the employer? I believe Most of my readers will see the employer because the fact that they are able to read this blog means that they are potential entrepreneurs.

The employees are happy with the paycheck and they have no reason to look themselves in the mirror.

Success is around the corner

When you see yourself looking in the mirror know that you are a step away to success, because you are ready to change.  You are now tired of your 9-5 job. You are tired of your efforts not being recognized and you want to be your own boss.

It is not easy to look in the mirror and see the image that you want to be. Some look in the mirror and hate what they see. When you look in the mirror you should see your authentic self and strive to be the entrepreneur you ought to be

photo of woman looking at the mirror

If today is your last day alive are you proud to face the man in the mirror? Have you used all the talents that God has given you?

How To Prepare Your Children To Be Successful Entrepreneurs

Parents are Teachers

Parents are teachers

We all know that children learn most of the things they do from home. Their role models are their parents. It is common to find a family of thief’s, politicians, doctors, teachers, singers, or a family of entrepreneurs.

Our children learn from us.  Most of the time is the mother or the father who started, then the rest family follows in their footsteps.

However, it does not mean that if we are not entrepreneurs we cannot teach our children to be successful and own their own businesses. Imagine having a family of self-made millionaires!  It’s a dream for every parent

Not all parents are entrepreneurs

It is easy if you are an entrepreneur to teach your children to be entrepreneurs as they will learn from you. You will be their role model and they will have firsthand experience watching you working hard and learning all the business skills from you.

However, If you are not an entrepreneur and you are a very successful executive, it will be very difficult to convince your children to start their own businesses.

They will want to be successful executives like you.

You need to work hard to convince them that owning a company pays better than a monthly check.

How do you do this when you don’t believe in entrepreneurship yourself?

Well, my advice will be, buy them business books. Explain to them that they live in a changed world. Introduce them to successful entrepreneurs to mentor them.

Tel them that employment is no longer guaranteed even if you are educated. Teaching your children entrepreneurship could be the best legacy you leave to your children

The worst advice

Giving your children the same advice your parents gave you many many years ago is the worst advice ever. The saying go to university to get a degree and get a good paying secured job is no longer relevant. Look for new ways to guide your children

Let them see the reality if you look around the richest people did not get rich because of their education. We see university graduate roaming the streets, some are working as tellers in chain supermarkets. Gone are the days where a university degree has value. The job market and the future no longer looks bright. The tradition of getting a degree and a stable secure job is just a once upon a time story we tell to our children.

Understand me, well parents, I am not saying education is not important, I am saying the world around us has changed but the advice has not changed. If we want our children to be independent and successful we have to teach them financial literacy..

The best advice

Tell them this: Get financial literacy and the knowledge of how money works. Be prepared to face the world that awaits you. Learn how to be successful and start your own business.

 When is the right age to start introducing your children to financial literacy?

black and white stripes fedora hat
Ready to learn about Money

You can start teaching your child to be a successful entrepreneur as early as possible I would suggest when your child is able to read and write. That will be around the age of 8.

Our schools do not teach us to be entrepreneurs. You will never find this topic in any syllabus “how to start your own business” or “how to be successful”.  Therefore it is your duty as a parent to prepare your children for the future they will one day create for themselves.

Teach your children about money


money pink coins pig
Teach them about investment.

This is the easiest and the most beneficial topic for every Parent. Teach your children that money can be used to make more money. Change their thinking that money is only used to buy things.   Let your children know the difference between wanting money and wanting to make money. Make it clear that making money involves work.

Books can be teachers too

Click here to read business books Amazon

alphabet class conceptual cube
Business Books are good teachers.

One value that you can instill to your children is financial literacy you can do this through, games, books and TV programs.  The process should be fun and enjoyable. Do not make them hate reading by being strict and forcing them to read.

I will recommend the following books for a start. These books are also good for you.

  • The Young Entrepreneurs Guide To Starting And Running A Business by Steve Mario

This is a very good book, you will not regret buying. It’s an investment that you are making for your child’s future. It will teach your child how to turn their ideas into money.

  • Rich Dad  Poor Dad  by Robert Kiyosaki

This is one of the books that created a millionaire inside me. It illustrates the mindset that makes the rich get richer and the poor getting poorer. Your child will learn how to achieve financial freedom.  It is a must read for every parent and child.

  • The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley

This one teaches the difference between wealth and income

  • The Parables Of The Pipe Line by Burke Hedges

Let your child learn the difference between being an employee and being an employer.

  • Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This is the no1 book on achieving success.

Go to Business Books in the Menu above or go to Amazon and Google search these titles. It’s easier to buy an EBook also called Kindle Edition as you get your book immediately.

Teach them how to recognize opportunities

Let them know that there is a lot of opportunities around them.

Whenever there is a problem let them know that solving that problem is an opportunity for business

Encourage them to identify problems and come up with the solution to solve them

Teach them how to plan

When your Child has seen a new toy that they want to buy. Tell them that you need to budget for it.  Sit down with them and plan a suitable time to buy it. Do not let them get used to getting what they want at any time.

Another way is to make them do some work in exchange for a reward.  This will teach them that nothing is free.

Make this fun don’t make this look like emotional abuse. Explain the importance of this and make them see the benefits. If this method is done well it will produce a wonderful result.

If not done well it will backfire and leave your child longing for his first salary to buy things he wants without planning as he now hates this horror called planning.

Teach them that failure is good.

In school failure is bad. In business failure is good. Let them know the difference. When your child has failed to sit down with them let them identify the reasons for their failure and come up with new strategies on how to pass. Teach them never to give up. Give all the good reason why failure is good.  Let them understand that failure is part of life.

Teach them to give

And lastly, teach them the value of helping and giving. Once in a year let them donate their toys and clothes to charitable organizations.

Be a role model and practice what you preach, remember most children learn from home.

Good Luck in preparing your children to be a millionaire. Share with me and other Parents any other methods that can work better.


Start Soaring Like An Eagle And Stop Flying With Chickens. Fly High!

 fly high.

You have the Potential to fly High!

You are attracted to this blog because “Birds of a feather flock together,” you are in the right place.

We attract to ourselves not what we want but what we are. The old phrase, “Birds of a feather flock together,” is true.

Have you observed how at any social occasion successful people attract other successful people? Failures attract other failures, and together they will moan, groan and complain.

Our friends are not the kind of people we want but the kind of people we are.

You are reading this blog because you have the potential to build a successful business.

 Below are the two reasons why  it is taking time for you to  start your own business:

  •  You have grown up in a family where you have never met or known anyone who was an entrepreneur.


  • At school, you socialized with people who wanted to be executives. You work with people who have no businesses and are not wealthy.


  • All your social circle outside of work are not successful.  This is the reason why you think you cannot make it in the business world.


  •   You are a product of social contamination. If you spend time with people who smoke, you’ll probably smoke. Hang out with people who exercise, you’re more likely to exercise.


  • You want to be more successful, therefore you must spend more time with people who are more successful, and have role models who are wealthy.


  • Now that you have found business ideas blog you have come to the right place. You will learn how to recognize your passion and turn it into a money machine

 This is what you will learn in this blog:

It is just as possible for you to become wealthy as for anyone else. Make a decision to take the first step, if you do n’t decide to take the first step, nothing will change until you makes a decision to do something different. You will end up staying as you are

Say this to yourself.

I am going to do it!

This decision is an essential first step to becoming financially independent.

Follow these principles and you will be singing a new song.

  • Do what you love and the money will follow.
  • Focus on earning more money, and worry about saving later.
  • Execute ordinary ideas that really creates wealth, you will think about being innovative later
  • Master the negotiating skills
  • Never ever let failure win. Quitting after a setback throws away the opportunity you created. The self-made wealthy know that persevering in the face of adversity is the key to success!


You Have The Potential To Fly High!




Here Is The Secret

 When you hear the word “successes.” You may think there are unique people who are destined for success.

Today I am here to tell you that, that unique person is you.  It is possible to become a successful unstoppable entrepreneur.

Engrave Success in your mind.  Have you ever heard this saying: your thoughts will become your action?

Most successful people confirms that thinking positive is the best tool for achieving goals. Think success and you will become successful.

What is the secret to success?

Have you ever ask your self-questions like the above. Normally these kinds of questions are motivated by seeing people who started small and grow into millionaires who later become highly influential entrepreneurs and role models to some. These kinds of people are called self-made millionaires.

Now the question is: how do they achieve so much from humble beginnings? What is the secret to success? And is it something that we can learn to emulate?

The Answer

There’s actually one very simple answer to what makes people so unstoppable and that’s passion.  Passion is so overwhelmingly strong because people have no problem doing what they like. They will do whatever it takes to make their way to the top.

When someone is determined and is so willing to find themselves at the top, how can they not achieve what they want? One millionaire says that he gets up early and put down his ideas on the paper before the rest of the world even wakes up. “Successful people wake up before the world wakes up.” He said

When you sleep money also sleep

I always tell my children that those friend of mine who was always sleeping 20 years back are still sleeping today. They have nothing, they are poor and miserable.  One lesson to learn is that when you sleep money also sleeps.

Early morning ideas are the best and that’s exactly what I do.  My phone alarm rings at 4 am, and I am always up writing before anyone in my house. This is the record that I hold.

Simply put, I am that incredible because I have the will to be successful when most people wouldn’t even consider having the energy to do so.

To become unstoppable put passion into everything you do

You have to put passion into everything. This is how you become motivated and find yourself going even when it becomes tough. This is all driven by passion.

Yes, you can become unstoppable determined and motivated. But that comes from passion.  This will be seen in the way you talk; you have to be absolutely thrilled to be doing what you are doing because that is what makes you jump out of bed in the morning.

 How Passion Makes You Magnetic

Studies show us that we rate people as more charismatic when they gesticulate more. When do people gesticulate more? When they are passionate about what they’re talking about. People who love their subject speak with their whole body and that makes them highly magnetic

So what is the secret to success and how can you tap into it?

Simple: find your passion

Do Not Judge A Fish By Its Ability To Climb Trees

What is your genius?

Do you feel like you are being judged by the skills that you do not possess? It is inappropriate to judge someone by the skills they do not possess.

Why did I find it necessary to write about this topic?  Because I have been a victim, until the day I discovered that I am a genius unstoppable entrepreneur.

You might be in the same position and I want to share this information with you.  It is never too late to discover yourself and start doing what you are good at.

Too many times in your life you were judged, quantified and measured incorrectly. Everyone is genius, anyone can be smart. It only takes the right mixture of passion, direction, and focus.

The Fair Selection

Picture Source: Quora

Do you think the poor fish is going to pass this exam?

Never, practice makes it perfect does not work in this situation.

The Fish will forever be a “D” student and end up believing that it is stupid and give up.

Are you judged by your weaknesses or strengths?

This also happens to us if we choose businesses that force us to use the skills that we do not possess and end up exposing our weaknesses.  

This would lead to being declared a stupid failure even though we are intelligent.

For example, in most employment introverts are judged by their ability to speak in public. They are compared to their extrovert’s colleagues and declared stupid when they don’t speak in the meeting.

This quote is a caution to all entrepreneurs’ to choose the right business ideas so that appropriate measurements when judging their smarts will be used.

  Choosing the wrong business ideas

Setting a tree climbing assessment task to test the intelligence of a fish is just as inappropriate as an entrepreneur choosing the business idea they are not gifted at, or as setting a logical-mathematical assessment task to test the intelligence of a person gifted with interpersonal intelligence.

The person assessed only by narrow and often inappropriate standards may spend their whole life believing they are stupid.

Everyone is different

I believe everyone is different, has a different talent, interests, weaknesses, and strengths. In order for one to thrive excel and be successful in business, one needs to be in the right environment where they get to exercise their strengths and passion, not their weaknesses.

For example, a creative, visual person would struggle in a data-driven environment. A superb accountant would probably do a poor job at coming up with a logo design. A designer would also do poorly at crunching number

In order to be successful, you need to know the best you.


My Passion Is What Keeps Me Awake At Night

I have been writing a lot about passion and I think my readers understand how important passion is to success. You cannot mention success without mentioning passion.

New ideas can rob you of your sleep.

My dear friends a passionate entrepreneur acts like a crazy person. I sometimes think I am crazy. There are some days that I cannot even sleep. New ideas keeping me awake all night.

I go to bed fine but usually, around 2 or 3 am I woke up my head filled with these ideas that do not allow me to go back to sleep.

Some are genius and some are nightmares. I have made a promise not to act on them immediately. I keep a notebook where I log them all. The ones that keep popping on my head are marked with a star.

The nagging ideas are the ones that became brilliant business ideas.

New ideas can fill your mind with possibilities

When I get into a restaurant instead of enjoying the food. I start thinking about owning it, about creating the recipe for the chef, about supplying them with furniture.

I see everything as a business idea.  What surprised me is how I always see everything possible.

My passion acts like caffeine

I do not need coffee or energy drink when I am in this mode. My passion acts like caffeine. I have discovered that I am more creative at night.

All my books were written at night when everybody is asleep.

When I am studying, I buy all sorts of energy drinks with high caffeine because my mind gets tired. But when I am thinking about business, I can be up the whole night I don’t need caffeine.

The word business sets my soul on fire

Whenever I hear or see the word business my heart pumps with anxiety. I get so excited and feel so connected to the word.

When I tell people my story they look at me as if I am crazy. I don’t blame them for having unconventional thoughts most people can’t visualize anything other than a paycheck.

If you tell them something different, they think you are crazy especially if you do not have a fat bank account to prove your idea.

In all my dreams I don’t remember anything about changing people’s mindset. So it is not my duty to make them believe in me.

My motto is working towards my dreams, so when all odds are against me I fight for my passion and dreams.

My mind wanders towards big ideas.

I want to be a millionaire with all my heart, a self-made one. I want my story to be written in the books of history.

I want my name to be on the list of the millionaires. This is so crazy that whenever I look at the names of the millionaires, which I often do. I feel that mine is missing. Something inside me tells me that it has to be there.

 What my family thinks

They think I don’t know what I want.  My husband once said this to me. You like starting things then you stop on the way. Remember how crazy you were about the biltong machine. You have bought the machine now you have stopped making biltong.”

I say to myself he does not know me well because if he knows me well, he would know that when I stop doing something that I am passionate about it means I am raising the bar. Plus I never quit. He has many examples of that. I am not a quitter what will make me be one know?

What does it take to know which ideas are good to implement

Do not follow every idea to the end, it will cost you a fortune. They sound like good ideas at night, in reality, they might not. This is where you need to discipline yourself because if not you will end up starting so many things and failing because though your dreams seems possible they are still dreams.

Test the idea first.  Do some research, establish the market. Ask everyone around you if the problem you want to solve even exists. Remember you are the dreamer, the people you are asking do not have the passion you have.

So the aim here is not to let them convince you. Do not believe everything they say. Run with the idea yourself. Just like using meat as a bait to catch the fish you are using them to help you to manifest your ideas.