Can An Introvert Build A Successful Business?

  CAN AN INTROVERT BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS? YES!! IT’S A BIG YES!! I am an introvert and I have realized that people make a mistake of thinking that introversion is a disability. When you are an introvert you like being alone, most introverts are socially unfriendly, as they don’t enjoy talking, but they can [...]

Can Introverts Succeed In Business?

Introversion Introverts may be a quiet group in the workplace, unlike shyness, which is a product of anxiety or fear in social settings, introversion is a key part of one’s personality.   An Introvert process information internally, keep personal matters private, and avoid showing emotion. They like to dig deep delving into issues and ideas before moving [...]

 How To Identify Your Passion

There goes the saying “Follow your passion and your success will follow” Whether you are thinking about a job or about starting a business it is important that you follow your passions. The passion you have should not be underestimated, sometimes this is the only ingredient that is missing from your recipe for success. Identifying [...]

Be Inspired

  Nobody  can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending  a quote from (Maria Robinson) It is extremely simple, make up your mind that you want to start your own business. There are so many opportunities in your life that you can use to solve [...]

You can Do It

 Now that you have recognized the opportunity  you need to start, don't say tomorrow start now. The following Success Codes will help you to  Kept Going Believing in yourself. Believe you  can do it, do not underestimate the power of passion, nobody can compete with the power of passion, a person with passion is unstoppable.  I am [...]

How to Recognize an Opportunity

Not everyone can recognize an opportunity  only people with passion for success will start seeing things in a different way.  An opportunity is something that everybody feels  that  if you start doing it their problems will be solved. Have you ever heard this saying   “we complain of noise when opportunity knocks at our door”. Most [...]

How do you know that the idea is good?

Here  are the  two factors  that you can use to test that your idea is good.  For a good  start these questions should be part of your market research.  If you answers are" yes" to both, good luck , you are on the right road to success. if your answers are  "no"  Start searching for [...]

Business!Start an Affordable Side Business

  Start a Side Business Are you tired of your 8 am to 5 pm job?  Do you feel that your hard work is not recognized? well Starting a side business could be a solution to your problems. I am saying a side business because you don’t have to leave your job before your business [...]

You Are Not Alone

Alone Have you ever find yourself asking these questions: How do I become an entrepreneur? Do I have what it takes to be successful? Well, you are not alone, almost all entrepreneurs ask themselves these questions, the truth is, this is a good sign that you are a dreamer but the problem is you are [...]