15   Magic Points That Will Unlock Your Passion

15   Magic Points That Will Unlock Your Passion. There goes the saying “Follow your passion and your success will follow. Its never too late to do what you want.

This is The Thing That Will Never Let You Change.

Some people blame   ‘time’, ‘energy’, ‘money’ or ‘opportunity’.  Even worse they blame other people for refusing to change. Today I want to tell you nothing but the whole truth, the thing that is holding you back is your "own sense of self." In other words: you might well be limited by your attachment to the [...]

Tomorrow!! The Most Dangerous Word To Your Success

  Today I want us to talk about the word tomorrow or later. Some call it procrastination but I don’t want to use this long word I want to use the everyday word that is used by all of us. If you look back and count the things that you have posted to tomorrow you [...]


Start solving a problem. This is a proven business idea that works If there is a problem that affects you, your friends, family, co-workers, etc., then the chances are high that it affects people you don't know as well. The good news is the problem is a business idea. I started a fabric shop in [...]

Top 10 Rules for Success that you need to Learn

First let us start by defining success: True success is measured by the feeling of knowing you have done a job well and have achieved your objective. Success is not measured by our position in life but by the obstacles we overcame to get there. Learn  the definition of success. Success in life is not [...]

4 Main Reasons Why You Have Not Started Your Business Yet.

  You have been trying to start  your small business for a year or two .Your dream is clear but it is very difficult to make it real. Let us look on what could be preventing you from starting your business. This time I will not talk about procrastination. I don’t think it is the [...]