How To Choose The Perfect Lighting For Product Photography.

Have you ever heard this saying, “a picture is worth a thousand word?” a product photographer understands this saying better than everybody because his pictures are a key part of a consumer’s decision-making process

In this post, we are going to share product photography tips to lighting for photo shoots that will give you a perfect picture.

Have you ever heard this saying, “a picture is worth a thousand word?” a product photographer understands this saying better than everybody because his pictures are a key part of a consumer’s decision-making process

The truth is, the quality of your photo reflects your brand image and creates the first impression to the consumer.

A product photo conveys so much more than the product itself.

Product photographers guide to lighting

Before you choose your lighting options to consider the color of the products. Because this can affect how everything works out.

Your images represent your products perceived value and quality, they speak directly to your target audience, therefore you have to keep in mind that the photos are a key part of consumer’s decisions making process.

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You are not going to believe me if I tell you that the most important element of taking a great photo is not your camera, or your lens, not even the product. It is light.

In other types of photography, you can get away with imperfect lighting, for example in wedding photography where the most important thing is capturing the important moment.

When it comes to product photography there is no important moment, your technical details matter more if you want to capture the attention of the buyer so that they purchase your product.

Product photography using natural light

The quality of natural light can be better than the expensive studio lights if used correctly.

Natural light is beautiful but is not easy to work with, it can be very tricky especially if you don’t know how to set up your shot to harness it.

A bright sunny day does not render the best light for the shot, in fact, the opposite is true. Harsh direct light creates hard blown and deep shadows that may be unrecoverable even in Photoshop.

Instead of direct light use the opposite indirect light, the best way to achieve this is inside a window

How to get the perfect window lighting for product photography?

Set up your backdrop and product by the window away from direct rays of light, if your product is small use the table

The next step is to take a reflector and set it opposite the window.

This way the light will bounce onto the dark side of the product and remove the dark shadows

You are looking for the best results play with the placement of the reflector until you get the best results.

Natural light can only be available if the sun is bright and if you have big windows. Now let us look at the other option where the latter is not available.

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Studio lights

There are different types of studio light, for example

Speedlight, monolights and continuous lights, whichever studio lights you use the fundamental step is the setup,

 Key light

This is the main light source. You aim it directly to the product Set it to one side of the camera.

Fill light

This is the second most important. Place it opposite the Speedlight.

Its main purpose is to pick up where the speed light leaves off, it should be as bright as the speed light,


Backlights are great for products with finely detailed edges, therefore, you are not going to always need it.

Adding modifiers to product photography lighting

Even with the best bulbs sometimes you will still not get the best quality light.

There are several products you can use to modify your light if you want to add a particular effect.

You can use a softbox to diffuse the light or a snoot to direct the light to a specific detail both can be very helpful when creating the perfect product photography set up

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but in product photography, you get to choose what your customer will see.

Your background

Product photographer always uses a white background if you have the money and you are going to use this more often invest in something great like white sweeps.

However, if you are in a tight budget you can use a white sheet, white poster boards or cardboard.

Be careful and remember that the color that you see has a chance to reflect differences in photographs especially if you are working with poster boards.

Paper sweeps is a good choice because its cost effective since you can always get rid of the dirty areas.

Another factor to pay attention to is to always make sure that the white background is seamless.

Product photography lighting is a crucial skill to learn, however, it takes a lot of photos and preparation to get the perfect photo

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