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One of the things I hear from people who feel bitter about rich people is that rich people don’t work hard enough for their money. They are just lucky.

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People who say these things are missing the point, and that is the main reason why they aren’t getting rich themselves because they are wasting their energy on resentment, and jealousy.

Thousands of people are now learning to see money in a new way. Now, instead of resenting rich people, they’re on their way to becoming rich themselves

You will never get rich if you are an employee.

Think about it: what “job” could ever make you really rich, no matter how hard you worked? Even highly paid people know that the money they earn from “working” is just the tip of the iceberg.

The rich don’t work for money.

They make their money work for them.

Rich people grow up knowing that wealth comes not from work. They invest their money and the investment vehicles do all the “work.”

Then as their investments grow, they earn even more, and so on and so on.

But what about those who say they don’t have the capital, or the investment know-how, to make this strategy work for them?

I say, get excited. Because we’re living in a time where education is at your fingertips.

Use the power of the internet, today anyone can start making money out of thin air, even if they have next to no capital.


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These days you don’t need a personal finance manager to invest for you. You have the power in your computer.

You have the power!

With a laptop, some ambition, and the willingness to learn a few new ideas, it’s now possible to create real wealth incredibly quickly with VERY little risk.

 It is Never too late to get rich

Sometimes I hear people saying that it’s too late for them to get rich.

It’s too late to start a business because They missed their chance when they were young. After all getting rich is a young person’s game. Now they have to settle for being an employee and relying on the company retirement plan.

My dear, Friend it is never too late to get rich.

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