I Have Done It I Quit My Luxurious Job To Run My Business


 I Quit

One day when I was driving home from work my thinking totally changed I felt like a new creation. I said to myself I will never achieve my dream of becoming a millionaire if I continue to be an employee.

I decided that moment that tomorrow I am going to submit my resignation letter. I did exactly that.  I am writing this post today to tell you that I have finally done it I quit my job and I am happy

I finally got the courage

I wrestled with my mind for years before I finally got the courage to quit my job, and you know what? I have wasted a lot of time.

My life and career might have looked perfect on the outside but on the inside, I was desperately longing for something else.

As the years went by my sadness skyrocketed and the voice inside me became very strong, so did my concerns, worries, and fears about the future.

These questions were my daily bread:

What if things did not work out?

 What if I am not going to make enough money?

 What if I would come to regret my decision?

I evaluated my life

I sat down and evaluated my life and I find out that the idea of staying was scarier than anything that might happen if I quit.

I said to myself it is better to fear failure rather than regret, regret is an ugly emotion that usually never shows up until it is too late.  It comes as a response to what hasn’t happened.

The thought of my business failing was scary but the thought of regret was even scarier. I took a decision that   I would rather try now and fail instead of me regretting that I have never tried,

 Do you still remember this post?

How to overcome the fear of quitting your job to run your own business.”

When I wrote this post I was scared. I did not know that one day I would find the strength to quit my job.

I am happy to say that I finally got the courage to quit my job and follow my calling.

My whole life I have been an employee and the thought of not being paid overshadowed all the opportunities I have of making more money than my salary.

Remember that fear I talked about not receiving a message with a five-figure from my employer every month.

I no longer care about that I receive a message every day from the bank notifying me about the money credited to my account from my business. It is not a five-figure of cause but comes month end the total will be a five figure.


Is life easy once I have quit my safe job for a life of uncertainty?

Hell no but I know I will cope.

All I have to do is to ignore talks like this

You can’t do that. How will you survive?

You have to found another job. You’ll regret it.

You’re insane!

I have learned that it’s impossible to please everyone, so in the future, it’s best to just live life by my own standards.

  I am my own boss

I am on my own now, I am my own boss,  I don’t have work colleagues to drag me down or a boss to crush my soul on a daily basis. There is no one to blame but myself if things do not go well.

That’s the beauty of taking control of your life; you’re fully in the driving seat and the motivational strength you receive as a result of grabbing life by the balls is amazing

Believe in yourself

What is scarier in following your dreams is that the future is never clear.

Stepping off your comfort zone into the uncertainty where you can’t see the straight road in sight is craziness.

But we don’t have to see the whole path, we just need to know the next step in front of us.

That is exactly what I did. Life is too big to concern yourselves with. The present moment is all that counts.

Who quits their luxurious job to run a retail business because it seemed like a good idea? Who fills their days with the smell of German prints in a hot small shop compared to a cold office and a huge salary?

Me. I have done it because I believe in myself. How To Become Successful? Learn The Secret of Millionaires

Fear is Part of the game

Whatever you do know that Fear is necessary for growth

Let me tell you a little secret

I used to think that there was a big difference between successful people and the likes of me. That somehow they were born with superpowers that enable them to go through life with confidence and passion

I have learned that fear doesn’t discriminate. It attacks us all. In fact, successful people experience more fear than anyone else because they are putting their lives on the line every single day

If you’re feeling scared then it’s a good sign. You are pushing yourself further; stretching your comfort zone and experiencing something new and exciting.

Accept and embrace fear because it’s the friend of exceptional people.

 Why stay in an unsatisfying job

It is not easy feeling frustrated and restless in an unsatisfying job, it is not easy to think that leaving might be a big mistake but staying might be an even bigger one.

We never know how things will   turn out  but one thing we know   is that staying where we are will never get us where we want to be,

By quitting my job I have finally learned how to live my life.

If you are that entrepreneur that I know Try it. See what happens.


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