Are You A Bold Businessman Or An Entrepreneur?



I never knew there is a difference between these two. I always say “I am a businesswoman sometimes I say I am an entrepreneur” you see, using the words interchangeably because to me they mean the same thing. Guess what? I was wrong.

The reason why I am writing about this is because I find it very important to understand who you are.

Classifying yourself as a businessman while you are an entrepreneur can distract your focus.

Let us look at the difference between the two then we can decide which side you fall, and I will also tell you which side I fall.



Invent and start their own products


Enters into existing business
Interested in changing the world, pursue their dream and passion


Doing business for profit and becoming own boss
Take the crazy risk, their interest is achieving their passion, they don’t care whether they lose the money or not.


Takes calculated  risks and manage risk
A peer and a leader


An employer and a manager
Competes with themselves and works hard to beat the competitor. “themselves” Works hard to beat the competitor and wins
Do not care about losing money,  as they can always start from  scratch


Worry much about losing money
Takes times to achieve the goals. Everything is about achieving the goal.


Does not waste time, meets deadlines and is always fast and on the go
Sees the word as an opportunity to make a living. Sees the world as a duty.


There is the list. To tell the truth I can relate to both.  I have to do research to find out if it is possible to be both.

I believe in the long run an entrepreneur becomes a businessman, but there is a difference, an entrepreneur is a market leader while a businessman is a market player

Now let’s talk, where you fall.

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