Listen To The Powerful Thoughts That Come From Your Soul.

Letter From Robert Kiyosaki I have received a letter from Mr. Robert Kiyosaki about listening to my thoughts and  I  want to share it with you. As an entrepreneur sometimes it is very difficult for me to think positive especially when business is not doing well. Learning from someone like Mr. Kiyosaki has helped me [...]

Success !Examine your Mindset. Are You On The Right Path To Success?

  "Whether  you think you can or you can’t  you are right" Admit Failure Think back to the last time you failed.  This requires you to admit to failure. Maybe you started a business that didn’t survive the first year. Can it be your relationship with your children, it hit a rocky patch that you didn’t [...]

Judging The Beautiful Book By Its Cover: Is Your Cover Sending The Right Message?

  In business, we judge a book by its cover. The way your company presents itself to the public is exactly the way they will recognize it.  One of the things that represent your business and talks to the people on your behalf is Business Color of your business or brand. There is an English [...]