How To Overcome The Fear Of Quitting Your Full Time Job To Run Your Business.


Remember what I said in my previous post How to Win Investors Trust. If you don’t trust that your business can sustain you, investors will not trust your business with their money.

I am talking from experience this has happened to me, I told you  in the above  post how I was disappointed when an investor said this to me:

We only help serious entrepreneurs.  The fact that you are still working full time confirms that you don’t trust that your business will make money. Who will lend money to a business that is not trusted by its owner?”

As it is always said: The truth hurts, but this truth has encouraged me to take a step.

When I start my business I have only one goal in my mind, making money. Now I have done all the hard work, my business is up and running but I am  still stuck to my 8-5 job because the fear of quitting my job scares the hell out of me.

What causes my deepest fear?

1.The Culture.

From my early age I was programmed to go to university, find a stable secure job with benefits and pension.  Climb the corporate ladder and put my family name in the charts.  I was supposed to do this until I reach my retirement age of 65.

Entrepreneurship was considered weird. If someone talked about not finding a job but starting their own business the parents will be disappointed because to them you are a guaranteed failure.

I used to believe that too, I am not sure  when exactly I  have a change  in mind set, what I know is  that I have wasted my entrepreneurial skills following the culture.

I acquired the highest qualification in accounting, I am up the corporate ladder  working for a reputable organization which is one of the highest paying.  Not to mention the luxury of the large  office, the furniture and all the gadgets you can think of. I have made it in the corporate world and my family is proud of me.  But something is not right, despite all the good things that I have mentioned above I am not happy.

I don’t want job security I want financial freedom. I longed for  financial freedom.

2.The power of temptation

The salary is too tempting. I feel like a caged animal. I want to break free from the chains of a paycheck but fear, fear alone  is holding me back. Every day when I go to work my inner voice keep on saying: resign resign resign.

But  the fear of not receiving an  SMs with five figures every month keep me glued to a job I knew it is not meant for me. I knew I belong in the business world , I knew I am  an entrepreneur.

The devil keep on whispering these words to my ears:

  • You are a bread winner you can’t leave a secured job
  • Your business will never give you the amount you get from this job
  • It is hard outside,once you are out you will never find another job especially as good as this one.
  • What will people say when they hear that you are unemployed
  • You had a huge mortgage to pay if your business fail the bank is going to take your house.

Do you see what fear can do to a person? Even to a passionate entrepreneur like me.  I know I am in the wrong place and I could be somewhere growing my millions but here I am losing all the business opportunities out there because of fear.

One day I met a Christian friend of mine. I told her my story, how I have started a business that is doing very well but I fear leaving my job because it is well paying.

She said to me “you are suffering from the disease called FEAR OF BLESSINGS. You are blessed and you don’t even realize that.”

Making a choice 

From that day I started thinking like a millionaires I made a choice of paths. I took the decision to choose between the opportunity to become a millionaire and staying unhappy for the rest of my working life.

I chose the millionaire path.

How to be free from fear of quitting your job

I am not an expert but here are the things that helped me overcome the fear of quitting my job. I believe they can help you too.

Prepare yourself financially and emotionally

I sat down and calculated all my monthly expenses  then put down a plan on how to pay them.

I re-programmed my mind to remove self-doubt, told myself  that I will make it.  knowing  that I had to take risks and risks lead to mistakes, mistakes lead to wisdom and knowledge both of which  I  lacked. For me failure was part of the journey and I was  not supposed to fear it.  My aim was  to move forward.

Setting a deadline.

I stopped dreaming about leaving my job and  started visualizing quitting, committed a date to submit my resignation letter.

I told myself that this  job is not my business and one day I will have to leave it, but my business is mine for life.

Talking to someone who has been there

I started spending time with successful entrepreneurs who quit their jobs? They encouraged me and told me that the fear is normal, this helped me a lot and reduces the fear by a significant rate. One of them said this to me

“you will be surprised when I tell you that you are going to make more money than what you are getting.

He quoted Robert kiyosaki “money does not stay with people who do not trust themselves.”

Trust yourself. One fact that I can tell you is that once you leave your job you are going to double or triple whatever you are making now at your business.  Employees when given the power to run your business they make sure that some money never reach the bank.”


That is my story I hope it will help you to overcome the fear of quitting your job to run your own business, quitting your job is a huge step and  it is normal to have fear .

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