Attention Entrepreneurs: Do These 4 Things!!



 Road to success is very long and winding ,  filed with obstacles and challenges. Sometimes you may think that you will never reach the destination. It has happened to many entrepreneurs. Attention Entrepreneurs!

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” Arthur Ashe

So many entrepreneurs have  failed so many times and give up before they  reach the goal.  The major factor for most business failures is not doing things well.

Do these 4 things well AND YOU ARE SET FOR SUCCESS.

Self Awareness

Acknowledge what you know and what you do not know.  What skill you have and don’t have.  No faking, no pretending. Self-awareness is a skill. Learn how to identify your capabilities and your weaknesses. Make a plan on  “How are you going to close the skills gap that you have?” for self-improvement.

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Never Act Alone

Build strong relationship with people who are in the same industry. Have a mentor. A mentor will help you achieve your vision. For introverts’ entrepreneurs this is a skill that you need to learn.

“If you want the long road to success do it all by yourself.”  James Jean Pierre

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Never Resist Change

Change is important, understand why change is important what is expected from the change and how you will benefit from the change.  Have enough resources to make things happen .

Go Through Stages of Maturity


Business  just like a child  goes through  stages of maturity. Start by crawling,  then  walking.  Take time walking  making sure that you are ready to run .  Just like a child if you  run before you have mastered walking, you will  fall so many times and have deep scars.  I am trying to paint a clear  picture in your mind   so that you get this stage well.  This is the stage where most entrepreneurs  give up because they  make a mistake of running before they walk and the result  we all know.  They fall very   hard  and they never wake up.

Attention Entrepreneur:Here are the  5  most important stages of every startup .

  • The first stage is turning your ideas into a product,
  • find the market for your product,
  • acquire customers,
  • retain your customers.
  • Innovate to stay competitive.

If you follow these steps  this is the quote that you will be telling your friends:

The devil whispered in my ear  “you are not strong enough to withstand the storm” today I  whispered in the devils ear “I am the storm.”


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