Judging The Book By Its Cover: What is Your Business Colour?



In business we judge a book by its cover. The way your company present itself to the public is exactly the way they will recognize it.  One of the things that represents your business and talks to the people on your behalf is Business Color of your business or brand.

There is an English idiom that say “don’t judge the book by its cover” meaning you cannot make a decision about something by just looking at how it appears or you shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something by its outward appearance alone. In Business it is the opposite.

Have you ever considered the importance of colour in business, choosing the right colour is crucial to your brand. The colour you choose should set you apart, it should also speak the language of your business. Understanding colour and its impact on your business could increase brand loyalty and recognition.

Before I became an entrepreneur I did not know anything about business colours, I used to wonder why some people use ugly colours for their businesses.

 Today we will look at the different colours and what they mean to your business.  If after reading this article you discover that your colour does not represent your business well in public you can change the colour to the theme that speaks your language.


Red is identified with the following:

 Action, Adventure, Fire, Power, Energy and Speed

The colour red can bring passionate response to your customers, but the response may either be negative or positive and you may have no control over the response as it will be in the hands of your customers

The colour red is associated with “hot “hot could mean you sell the “in-things” or you have the latest brands that are in demand. Inside the business, red colour encourages buyers to take action. For example; a red arrow directs you to the counter to pay. On your website a red button is more visible and it will tempt people to click it.

 Red Creates urgency, often seen in clearance sale  and used for impulsive shoppers.

Red is best used for action oriented products and brand.


Oranges represents the following:

  Energy,   Vitality, Cheer, Excitement, Adventure, Warmth, affordable, Vibrant and Risk taking

Orange is the colour that suggests value and discounts. It is a beneficial colour for Hotels and Resorts.


Yellow is identified with:

 Happiness, Optimism, Enlighten, Creativity, Sunshine and warmth

Yellow is the colour that captures attention and it is a great colour for children products.

Use yellow where you want to keep people moving. Most people cannot stay for long when there is a yellow colour.


 Green represents:

Growth Vitality, Money, Wealth, Growth, Generous, Kind and Loyal

Anything to do with money and financial is identified with colour green. Green also promote nature, and safe organic products. This is my favorite colour as I am aspiring to be a wealthy person.  All my business and my brands are green.


 Blue represents:

Loyal, Trust, Integrity, Peace and Security

Blue ranks so high as a favorite colour that you can’t go wrong with.

Blue is best used for conservative corporate businesses where trust dependability and honesty are important


Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance.

Gold represent high value products. Using it with navy or back are good choices when selling quality products to men.

Gold does not translate well onto website because it translate to a dirty yellow which does not look good.


Innocence, Purity and Cleanness

White is the best colour to use as the background colour for websites, it allows all other colour to reflect well. White works well for businesses promoting Hi-tech products, kitchen appliances, bathroom items and health products


Authority, Power and Control

Black is beneficial for business selling luxury, elegant and sophistication. Black crates classy and elegant impression. Using black packages makes them looks expensive.


Comfort, strength, Maturity and Reliability, Solidarity

Brown is appealing to most men due to its strength and reliability, it hides dirt. However it is not accepted by women as it gives a feeling of dirtiness and suffocation.

It is more beneficial to the outdoor business. Earth moving landscaping and farming businesses are inspired by the use of brown

This is where we will end with colours. I believe I have covered most of the colours that we always see around. If your colour is not in here it does not mean it cannot be used in business. There are so many colours and I cannot cover them all.


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