How To Prepare Your Children To Become Successful Entrepreneurs

  Parents are teachers We all know that children learn most of the things they do from home. Their role models are their parents. It is common to find a family of thief’s, politicians, doctors, teachers, singers, or a family of entrepreneurs. Our children learn from us.  Most of the time is the mother or [...]

Tomorrow!! The Most Dangerous Word To Your Success

  Today I want us to talk about the word tomorrow or later. Some call it procrastination but I don’t want to use this long word I want to use the everyday word that is used by all of us. If you look back and count the things that you have posted to tomorrow you [...]

7 Myths About Starting A Business That Every Entrepreneur Should Know.

     I have learned a lot since I started my own business. I now look at business and entrepreneurship with a different eye. There were so many assumptions that I believed in when I started my business 4 years ago. Only to learn that these are myths. It is sad because some things you [...]

We All Have What It Takes To Be Successful.

 Do all of us have the qualities  of being successful? Some people feel they don't. They stay mediocre and fail. But it doesn't have to be that way. All of us have all of the qualities of being successful. Have you ever told someone the way you felt and then changed your mind… only to [...]

How To Overcome The Fear Of Quitting Your Full Time Job To Run Your Business.

Remember what I said in my previous post How to Win Investors Trust. If you don’t trust that your business can sustain you, investors will not trust your business with their money. I am talking from experience this has happened to me, I told you  in the above  post how I was disappointed when an [...]

Attention Entrepreneurs: Do These 4 Things!!

   Road to success is very long and winding ,  filed with obstacles and challenges. Sometimes you may think that you will never reach the destination. It has happened to many entrepreneurs. Attention Entrepreneurs! "Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome." Arthur Ashe So many entrepreneurs [...]

 How To Win Investors Trust .

This must be the place to invest my money in; says the Investor Do you know that Investors  do not only bet on your idea they also bet on you. Before any organization that provide finance to small businesses can decide to inject cash on your business, they will first try to find out if [...]

Judging The Book By Its Cover: What is Your Business Colour?

  In business we judge a book by its cover. The way your company present itself to the public is exactly the way they will recognize it.  One of the things that represents your business and talks to the people on your behalf is Business Color of your business or brand. There is an English [...]