12 Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur

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How do you know that you are an entrepreneur?

Some people have all the signs that shows that they are entrepreneurs but they are still stuck to their 8am -5pm job because they do not see that possibility.  An  Entrepreneur have a passion to change things, they are innovative and creative. When they notice that there is a problem their first reaction is “how can I solve this problem”

People without entrepreneurship skill are always thinking “who can solve this problem.”  Whenever they see a problem, they never want to be part of the problem solving. They want the finished product to buy. Hope you get the difference.

You might be having what it takes to be an entrepreneur but never really knew it was possible.  The following are the signs that will help you place yourself on the radar.  If you can connect with these signs you have what it takes. Don’t say you will start tomorrow today is the day.  Start now.

  1. You think differently

When people think of looking for a better job with a better salary. You think: better salary or not, I am working to get experience. An entrepreneur is  always thinking of selling something while still at his  current job. They  hate how things are done at their current jobs and given the opportunity they  will change everything.

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Do you know that there are people who always think their CEO knows better and they believe in “follow the leader” myth? Entrepreneur are always hungry to change the situation.  When you can see that you think different from the team, it’s time to realize that you have something special. You’re an A player and you’re ready to go off on your own.

  1. Your ideas keep you awake at night

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You wake up at night and start thinking about what you can do to improve your life. Entrepreneurs are usually people who are constantly thinking and wanting to keep moving. You are always asking “what if,” and you think of the great things that could happen with your idea, follow your intuition. If you feel good, it means you’re aligned with a sense of purpose. Entrepreneurs wake up with an itch to create value, build things and achieve their goals.

  1. Your dreams are  big

When you check in at an expensive hotel or restaurant.  The first thing you think is “this can be mine.” The dream is so real that you even picture changing the furniture. Sounds crazy?  I know. But if you can have the opportunity to interview successful people they will tell you that this is exactly how they grow. They dream first then the dream becomes real. Sometimes I get scared of my own dreams because they are always nightmares. To me, I can own everything. I always tell myself “If I could meet the owner of this business and ask how he did it  I can also do it” Entrepreneurs can think big picture, They can  also see what the future holds before it takes shape. Entrepreneurs see opportunities for new businesses everywhere they go. Whether it’s travelling around the world or simply browsing the web; entrepreneurs find problems quickly and look for solution

  1. You are always happy for people who are successful

Whenever you see success you want to meet and congratulate the owner. You feel connected to the person as if you share something.  Let me tell you why, because you have one common thing.  Dream. The best entrepreneurs usually have someone who they look up to and aspire to imitate. Whether it’s in their personal life or professional life, the best entrepreneurs know someone who they see as a success and they’ve studied the steps they’ve taken to get there.

  1. When you want to do something you only see the positives

You are surprised when your friends spell out the negatives for your dream. You never see them.  Negatives are always there but when you are passionate you will never see them. And when you don’t see them they don’t have a chance of appearing.  When you start seeing them they will block your way. A real entrepreneur see only the positives.

  1. You believe in starting

You have started so many things and failed.  This is a very good sign that you are an entrepreneur. You need to align one or two things in your life and soon you will be up high.  When you have an idea, you start it without even thinking. That is the reason why you fail. You need to understand the road to success, you are on the right way but you always make a turn before the bridge.

  1. You are not afraid of failure

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A person who is not afraid of failure is unstoppable.  You are not afraid of falling down and stumbling. I have a friend who once told me  he  is not afraid to leave my his  job  before  he find another one. This  is what i said to him, “those are the signs of an entrepreneur and you are using your entrepreneurship skills on the wrong things. This is what you should be saying I am not afraid to start a business after failing” Guess what? He started a software company and he is doing very well.

  1. You read business book

Do you know these names Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracey, Jack Ma and Burke Hedges?

If you don’t know them google search them and buy their books and watch their videos. You will never regret knowing them instead you will wish you have known them earlier in your life.

Instead of reading romantic novels and fashion magazine, your best read are business books, in no time you will be implementing what you read from these books.

You could be watching the Bold and the Beautiful, but instead, you’re watching the most exciting and intense moments in business: you are thinking “if I could just show them my idea…,” that’s a sign you’re ready to go off.

I believe this is the no 1 signs that you are an entrepreneur.

  1. You work harder than your boss or CEO

This behavior shows an ownership mentality that is necessary for success. You are committed to executing, even if it means working late or doing things yourself. That’s exactly what being an entrepreneur is all about.

  1. You don’t mind being challenged

Some people enjoy hanging out with people that have less knowledge. They enjoy leading the debate. They feel like kings when they knows something better than everybody else. The best entrepreneurs understand the value of their relationships and surround themselves with people who can help them grow. Whether it’s through mentorship or conversations, the best entrepreneurs connect with people who can challenge their thinking and help them grow professionally and personally.

  1. You were a bully at school

Being a bully is a good sign of leadership. It’s only that at childhood you are using the wrong channels to make people listen to you or to make things happen. A bully comes out with the plan.   He sets the goals, a bully want to be listened to, He gives orders.  A bully is the boss.

Most bullies are good entrepreneurs because they like to be their own boss.

  1. You were selling things when you were young.

One of my classmate at primary school was making earrings using the bark of a certain tree and wire. He will come with the earrings to school and try to sell them to us.  He spend most of his weekends making these. Every Monday he will bring new design. Some students were selling sweets.  Some were selling marbles. If you use to sell things when you were young ask yourself why you have stopped. That is a very good sign that you have the entrepreneurship skills.

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Also, let me know if you connect to these signs.

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