The No 1 Ingredient for Success.


Success is like a Recipe it has ingredients . In a recipe there is always the major ingredient. For example: in a cake recipe, the major ingredient is flour,  for chicken curry, the major ingredient is Curry,  with lemon cocktail, the major ingredient is lemon. Unless you have these major ingredients it is not going to work. These ingredients must be of the finest quality and in the right proportions. . Once you have the right ingredient it becomes a lot easier to cook the best of the best.

Major Ingredient in Success

The major ingredient for success regardless of your chosen field, is attitude. They say “when a person gets a job, 85% of the time is because of their attitude.” The same thing applies to success 85% of your attitude contribute to the success or the failure of your business.

The most valuable asset you can possess is a positive attitude towards your life. Your attitude determines how much success you can achieve in all aspects of your life. Your attitude is also one of the first things people notice about you and impacts all the business and personal relationships you will have. Positive attitude is not a product of heredity; but with proper training, anyone can acquire this important trait.

I hope we all see that attitude is such a critical factor in success. In this post we are going to look at how your attitudes can kill your business.

If you are in business and you develop these attitudes, rest assured your business will die a natural death. Most people let their negative attitudes block them from their successes in life. It could be any type of success; it could be in friendships, marriage or their career.

1. Overconfidence


What is over confidence?

Over-confidence transmits arrogance and stupidity. It’s when you’re excessively confident about something; for example, thinking that you are too big to fail and start neglecting the needs of your customers. This is where stupidity gets in because you are forgetting that they are the ones who put you there and they are the ones who  can take you from there.

When it becomes clear that you only care about making money, you risk losing even the most loyal clients. They want someone working for them who sees them as more than just a dollar sign.

Overconfidence leads to failure. It is the reason why several entrepreneurs fail despite current position, past success, and positive attitudes.

Being overconfident can lead to losing money from poor investing decisions, losing the trust of people who rely on you, or wasting time on an idea that’ll never work.

A little bit of overconfidence can be helpful, but larger amounts of overconfidence can lead people to make bad decisions and to miss out on opportunities to learn.

We also know that being overconfident keeps people from learning. You have to understand and acknowledge what you don’t yet know in order to truly learn.


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 Overpricing equals more money. Wrong!

If you overprice your products your clients will not be happy. Worse, word may leak out to other potential clients that you’re too expensive and we all know the end result.

No clients no money True!

Every business should want to improve customer relations. If you’re not trying to help your customer, you’re not helping yourself. Unfortunately, many businesses seem not to understand this idea. Instead they’re looking for ways to charge their customers more rather than help them out, and that will lead to a decline in business if people feel you don’t really care about them.

Low Salaries for your employees


If you are keeping all the money for yourself. When your employees realize that they are working hard but getting little return because you’re keeping all the money you would have given for raises, you can expect them to start heading for the exits and they won’t do you any favors by badmouthing you at their next workplace.

Greed will also entice you to take careless risks. It will drive you to do things that are illegal, unethical and immoral

Don’t let greed make you forget what’s truly important for your business, its clients and your employees.



Impatience can leave us feeling angry, frustrated, and disconnected from ourselves and our work. Instead of feeling devoted to our ability, committed to our business journey, and energized for the work ahead to come, we can feel disengaged and disappointed that we haven’t made things happen yet. A good example will be not attracting traffic to your blog, if you are impatient you can end up quitting.

It’s human nature to feel impatient and frustrated that we aren’t where we want to be yet. You’re allowed to feel those feelings but don’t quit whatever you are doing. It may take longer than you first hoped it would, it may be harder to get there than you first prepared for, and it may look wildly different than what you first expected it to look like. But it does not matter remember your middle name “Patience”.

You have to let go of the timeframes and expectations that you started with and open yourself up to the reality that is right in front of you.

Anyone who tells you that you can build a profitable, thriving, and meaningful creative business overnight is lying. There are no shortcuts or step-by-step blueprints that can bridge this gap for you.

4. Stubbornness


Entrepreneurs need a healthy dose of stubbornness. They need it to start the business in spite of the family, friends, former bosses and friends that say it won’t be a success. They need it to keep going, even when it looks like they might fail. And they need it when the business is in the edge of failure more important they need it to overcome problems of daily operations.

If you look at the first sentence you will notice the word Healthy Dose Here comes a time when an owner can cross the line from bad to worse .This happens when they stubbornly cling to only their beliefs, ideas and ways of doing things when they’re unwilling to accept critiques from or even consider the advice of others.

This behavior usually results in loss of or disgruntled key people, large turn-over, dissatisfied customers, poor product quality, increased employee theft, too much rework, decreased profit, poor reputation, lost contracts and often bankruptcy.

The following are good signs of a stubborn entrepreneur

Repeating Mistakes

The danger of being stubborn is the refusal to learn from past mistakes. In spite of the evidence presented, the stubborn business owner will often do the same process over and over again, hoping for a different outcome each time, wasting time and money in the process

Clinging to your believes and ideas

When you become convinced that a particular course of action is correct, it can be difficult to listen to the opinions of others, even if they’re offering you sound advice.

Focusing on one thing

Acting in a stubborn way can make you overly focused on one particular task or goal. This can make you narrow mind and neglect other key aspects of your business, which can have serious negative impact.

5. Ignorance

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. - Benjamin Franklin

Illusion of knowledge is not education, but ignorance. Foolish people have a strange kind of confidence which comes only with ignorance.

I like this quote by Derek Bok “if you think education is expensive try ignorance.”

There is nothing wrong with ignorance, but making a career out of it is stupidity. Some People accumulate ignorance and they confuse it with education. Ignorance is misery, tragedy, poverty, and sickness.  As a business owner you need to have the Sixth sense which is common sense. Education and knowledge without common sense has little meaning. Common sense is the ability to see things as they are and do them as they ought to be done.

We are born with five senses touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. But successful people have a sixth sense.   An abundance of common sense is called wisdom.

It’s impossible for one person to know, understand and keep up with everything that is needed to run a business (i.e. taxes, health care, marketing, product advances, technology, best practices, regulations, industry innovations, market volatility). But knowledge is power. Smart owners know that their business needs to know everything that is associated with their industry.

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