How To Become Successful ?Learn The Secret of Millionaires

Become Successful


I know What You are Thinking: You think its an impossible dream. Many  years ago it was impossible for an average person to become successful. Today becoming  successful  is a matter of choice not chance. It is  is no longer a matter of good fortune or good luck. It  is a matter of following proven strategies for wealth creation. Says Burke Hedges The author of The Parables of the Pipe Line.    Amazon

It’s really quite simple.  Robert Kiyosaki said if you follow these three steps you will never go wrong.

  • Understand how wealth is created and accumulated
  • copycat proven systems of wealth creation
  • Be consistent over time.

That’s all.  We will discuss this in detail later in onother post

My Goal Is To guide  You  on How To Become successful

I really want to see you successful. I want to see you at the top. My goal is to guide  you how to go there.

First let’s get the myths out of the way

“It take money to make money “.   False!

It takes a Dream, Determination, Willpower, Patience and Persistence to be successful.

“You have to be educated with high degrees to be successful “,

False! Schools do not teach us to become financially free.


Example of millionaire who left school without a degree. They started their own businesses and we all know their success stories.

  • Thomas Edison- Founder of General Electric
  • Henry Ford -Founder of Motor Co
  • Bill Gates-Founder of Microsoft
  • Ted Turner- Founder of CNN
  • Michael Dell -Founder of Dell Computers
  • Steve Jobs -Founder of Apple
  • Ralph Lauren- Founder of Polo

I can go on and on, the list is too long. The message here  is I urge you to start you own business today, so that you will never worry about tomorrow whether you are educated or not. High degrees sometimes work in a paycheck world, in a real world Passion is the key.

Your Own Business Will Take Worries Out Of Your Life


I have been preaching the gospel of starting your own business trying to tell people that their  own business will take worries out of their  lives  and put profit into their  pocket. But as Jack Ma has said

“In reality if you offer job and business to people they would choose job because most people do not know that business can bring more money than salaries. “

Profit is better than salaries because salaries stop when you stop working but profit can bring you a fortune. Your business will keep pumping profit even  when you are retired.

It really hurts me to see people who still believe in job security. Most of the time when I try to tell people about the importance of starting their  own business. Only a few listen and jump to the opportunity. But sadly most job security loyal slaves dismisses the ideas of a business.  Their excuses are always as follows

  • I don’t have the time
  • My friends knows a friend of someone who started and fail.
  • Only lucky people become successful
  • I have been working for all my life. I will stick with what I know.

To me this really confirms that there are a few dreamers in this world
Now let me tell you the difference between a salary and a business.

  1. Salary:

  • one month’s work equal one month’s pay
  • One year’s work is equals to one year’s pay
  • The money stops when the work stops.

Therefore the concept of job security is just an illusion. The income is temporary. If you wake up one morning and you got sick that you can no longer go to work. The money stops.

If you do not have answers to these questions you should be worried

  • What would you do if your income stops tomorrow?
  • What would  happen if you got sick or disables and could not go to work?
  1. Business

Income keeps coming even when you are sleeping. When you are sick or when you are on holiday. You don’t need to go to work to get paid. You only work once when you are starting. After two to five years you sit and watch the game.

The reason why we think business is risky is because we live in a job security world. We observe the working class and assume that having a job is the only way to get what we want in life. This is why it is very difficult for  you to understand the power of  a business.. To you business is just stress and risk. Well, as I always say, you are not alone. We grow up surrounded by salaried people and that is only what we know. There are more people working than the people with their own business. That is what our parents taught us to follow. Go to school, work hard and get a job. Teach your children the same model. THE RESULT! Die a destitute.

High Salary High Life


Another confusion is thinking that people with high salaries are happy because they get more pay, but the truth is   they end up the same as those with low pay because they both live by paycheck to paycheck

The more money you get at month end the more expenses you pay at month end leaving you nothing to save or invest.

People who drives expensive cars and live in expensive homes are not wealthy because when the salary stops they  will become destitute.  Wealth is not the same as income. If you make a good income and spent it all you are not getting wealthier you are living high. “Wealth is what you accumulate not what you spent “says the authors of The Millionaire Next Door Stanley and Danko.

Make a Decision Salary or Business


No matter how big your salary is it will eventually dry up

Business on the other hand is self-sustaining. Though they require sacrifice, they don’t build themselves you have to take time and make effort to builds them.

As long as you are working you have to show up every day and do the work in order to get paid. The day you stop the money stops coming in.

Many people who were living high life’s end up bankrupt when the salary stopped. No matter the reason either they got laid off, retirement or sickness the result is the same because they failed to build their own   business while still working

Don’t be part of the statistics start your own business now and become successful.


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