13 Things Entrepreneurs Should Know Before Starting Their Very First Business

  When you start your business for the very first time, you are entering the new world. You have never been in this world before therefore expect some shocks and surprises. These are part of the journey and they will help you grow. Running your own business might look easy when you are outside. You [...]

12 Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur

How do you know that you are an entrepreneur? Some people have all the signs that shows that they are entrepreneurs but they are still stuck to their 8am -5pm job because they do not see that possibility.  An  Entrepreneur have a passion to change things, they are innovative and creative. When they notice that there [...]

5 Sad Reasons Why People Give up on Their Dreams

It is sad  when people give up their dreams not because the dream is not realistic but because the dreamer gave up too soon. The following are 5 reasons why  most  people give up on their dreams. 1.They Doubt their Abilities They have a big dream in front of them but they have not started [...]

The No 1 Ingredient for Success.

Success is like a Recipe it has ingredients . In a recipe there is always the major ingredient. For example: in a cake recipe, the major ingredient is flour,  for chicken curry, the major ingredient is Curry,  with lemon cocktail, the major ingredient is lemon. Unless you have these major ingredients it is not going [...]

How To Become Successful ?Learn The Secret of Millionaires

Become Successful I know What You are Thinking: You think its an impossible dream. Many  years ago it was impossible for an average person to become successful. Today becoming  successful  is a matter of choice not chance. It is  is no longer a matter of good fortune or good luck. It  is a matter of [...]


Start solving a problem. This is a proven business idea that works If there is a problem that affects you, your friends, family, co-workers, etc., then the chances are high that it affects people you don't know as well. The good news is the problem is a business idea. I started a fabric shop in [...]

This 2 Minute Video Will Tell You Who You Are?

Videos A must  see for all Enterpreneurs. Who you are? I could write volumes and volumes about the little things that  entrepreneurs need to do to become successful, but the truth is  success is within the entrepreneurs mind . The articles that  I write are just guidelines. If you have a winners mind you will win, [...]