4 Main Reasons Why You Have Not Started Your Business Yet.



You have been trying to start  your small business for a year or two .Your dream is clear but it is very difficult to make it real. Let us look on what could be preventing you from starting your business. This time I will not talk about procrastination. I don’t think it is the problem now. You have a good business idea and you have drafted a business plan this shows that you are almost there, you just need the push to go there.

I like this quote from Thoreau;

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.  Henry David Thoreau

Please don’t go to the grave with that great idea we need it to make this world better. Find the courage to take the first step, wholeheartedly commit to your idea and believe in yourself, start by identifying your overall goals, and build smaller, achievable tasks that serve as stepping stones to reaching that goal. Those small goals will make the task less intimidating and will give you a good indication of where to actually begin. Getting started could be really tough because you’re making a change in your daily routine. The following will encourage you to take action.

  1. You are Feeling Insecure to Start your Own Business

You think people will not take you serious.  Maybe you think you are fine where you are even  now eventhough you are not happy, that is how I felt too and that is how other entrepreneurs felt too.  It is called I would rather stick to my job than start my own business syndrome. This is a sign of insecurity. You have not started your business yet but you already predict that it will fail. If you don’t change your perception you will never succeed in business.   You can overcome this insecurities by   trying to remember your dream and reminding yourself of it every day, make sure you tell yourself what you want and that will keep you focused on the goal. Think positive this is your life time opportunity. After reading this article visit businesses related to your business ideas and see how successful they are.

If you are worried about pouring your money in an idea that you have not seen it work anywhere stop now. A unique business idea has  a high chance  of being  successful it also shows that you are an innovative entrepreneur, people with your character never fails as they are very good at developing new products..

  1. You fear the unknown

You have to be a risk taker. Tell yourself it’s a loose or win situation. Be positive that you will win .Fear is an emotional thing. They say if you cannot overcome your fear then you cannot be helped, try to visualize yourself running your own business and imagine surviving against all the odds. To overcome  this fear  define success as chasing your dream  and your dream is to become successful .if you think you have what it takes you owe it to yourself to try.

  1. You don’t have resources.

This is the only reason that is understandable. It can be difficult to find a startup capital. This can be a huge stumbling block if you don’t have savings and you have poor credits that will not pass the Bank’s lending criteria. Look at the positive side of this, the reason that you don’t have money is a good motivation to start your own business. Do not try to achieve everything at once.   I understand you dream is big, but divide it into small affordable chunks. That way you don’t need large amounts to start.

  1. You are letting fear hold you hostage

You look around all you see is people waiting for their paychecks.  Nobody in your family has a business, and you think there has to be something bad about running a business. Believe me they don’t have the dream and the vision that you have.  Start and they will soon follow. Be the change in your family.  Most people want to secure the job they have because they know it is difficult to find the same one when things do not work well in the business world, which is a poor man’s thinking. Be a warriors and tell yourself that you are going to be successful. Your thoughts will soon become your reality.   Starting a new business is a big change in your life, therefore there is nothing wrong in feeling this way but your desire for success should overcome your fears.


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