Can Introverts Succeed In Business?



Introverts may be a quiet group in the workplace, unlike shyness, which is a product of anxiety or fear in social settings, introversion is a key part of one’s personality.   An Introvert process information internally, keep personal matters private, and avoid showing emotion. They like to dig deep delving into issues and ideas before moving on to new ones. They are drawn to meaningful conversations not superficial chit-chat and know how to tune in and listen to others.

On the job, they opt for e-mail over the telephone and stop by only when necessary. They are averse to excessive conversation and many gravitate toward social networking Web sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. They have no desire to be the center of attention, preferring instead to fly below the radar. Even in heated conversations or circumstances, they tend to stay calm at least on the outside and to speak softly and slowly.

The opposite of Introverts are  extroverts.

This video will takes you step by step and show you how as an introvert you can succeed in business same way as an extrovert

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