For those who have already started their way to success I am happy for you and I wish you all the best. I want us to look at your pricing strategy as this is important to the success of your business. Applying the right pricing strategy can be the difference between success and failure for your [...]

How To Write a Winning Business Plan

Every Business should have a  winning  business plan. A business plan is a written plan which describes your Business, your goals, and objectives and it tells us exactly how you are going achieve them. Writing a business plan is in itself not a very interesting part of starting a new venture, but seem to be [...]

Top 10 Rules for Success that you need to Learn

First let us start by defining success: True success is measured by the feeling of knowing you have done a job well and have achieved your objective. Success is not measured by our position in life but by the obstacles we overcame to get there. Learn  the definition of success. Success in life is not [...]

4 Main Reasons Why You Have Not Started Your Business Yet.

  You have been trying to start  your small business for a year or two .Your dream is clear but it is very difficult to make it real. Let us look on what could be preventing you from starting your business. This time I will not talk about procrastination. I don’t think it is the [...]

How To Stop Your Business From Failing

Studies show that one out of three new small business fail after the first two years. The same study showed that more than half fail after the first four years. Regardless of all these statistics, determined hardworking entrepreneurs have managed to run  successful businesses.  As I have said before nothing can stop a passionate entrepreneur. [...]

Unlock Your Passion Video

Unlock your Passion video  Watch this video if you want to unlock your business passion. Most people need something to push their buttons for them to start something.  These are good motivational points that cover almost every situation you have encountered in your life.  

Can An Introvert Build A Successful Business?

  CAN AN INTROVERT BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS? YES!! IT’S A BIG YES!! I am an introvert and I have realized that people make a mistake of thinking that introversion is a disability. When you are an introvert you like being alone, most introverts are socially unfriendly, as they don’t enjoy talking, but they can [...]

Can Introverts Succeed In Business?

Introversion Introverts may be a quiet group in the workplace, unlike shyness, which is a product of anxiety or fear in social settings, introversion is a key part of one’s personality.   An Introvert process information internally, keep personal matters private, and avoid showing emotion. They like to dig deep delving into issues and ideas before moving [...]

 How To Identify Your Passion

There goes the saying “Follow your passion and your success will follow” Whether you are thinking about a job or about starting a business it is important that you follow your passions. The passion you have should not be underestimated, sometimes this is the only ingredient that is missing from your recipe for success. Identifying [...]