You can Do It

You can do it

 Now that you have recognized the opportunity  you need to start, don’t say tomorrow start now. The following Success Codes will help you to  Kept Going

Believing in yourself.

Believe you  can do it, do not underestimate the power of passion, nobody can compete with the power of passion, a person with passion is unstoppable.  I am a living example. when I start my business I  had so many critics, but nothing was going to stop me. Not even the negative advice from my friends and family.

I remember sharing my idea with a friend,  her advice was  so discouraging,  she told me  how so and so    started the same  business and  how it has failed, she goes on and quoted the statistics that I don’t think they  even exists,  confirming that 95 % of small businesses fail. I just listened and said to myself I am not so and so and  my business is going to be successful. If her statistics are real I am going to be  one of the 5%.  Seriously why can’t I be one of the 5%. You can also be  one of the 5%

Failure should not be part of your plan

You should  work hard, make a lot of mistakes and  learn from those mistakes. The first two years of  your  business will not be easy, you will encounter challenges like  employee’s problems,  cash flow problems, supplier problems, but nothing inside you should  say you are failing . Your objective is successes no matter what.  Read  business books. Talk to successful business men, self-upgrade yourself.  Read books about self-made billionaires. Believe me, these books are the greatest motivation

Have a positive attitude

Change your attitude, stop thinking that people who are successful are lucky, successful people constantly  work hard, study hard and spend most of their time  creating opportunities

Change the way you look at money

Think of money as a seed, if you plant a seed it grows and gives you food.   Think how you can make your money work for you instead of you working for your money.  Are you happy that you have a five figure salary but you are broke and you have bills and debts hanging on your head.  Let me tell you, High paying job is not a key to success because income is not wealth. The truth about money is you should spend less than what you make and we all know that this is not possible, our liabilities are always more than our assets. Therefore you should start thinking about how to make extra money to supplement your salary.

Stop procrastinating start now


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