How to Recognize an Opportunity

pexels-photo.jpgNot everyone can recognize an opportunity  only people with passion for success will start seeing things in a different way.  An opportunity is something that everybody feels  that  if you start doing it their problems will be solved.

Have you ever heard this saying   “we complain of noise when opportunity knocks at our door”. Most of us have ignored a few great opportunities that landed straight on our door steps because we did not recognize them. If this has happened to you do not worry you are not alone even great opportunity seekers miss out on great opportunities.

There is another saying that says “the same opportunity never comes to you twice.”  The next one may be better or worse but it is never the same one. So it is very important to learn the skills to recognize the right opportunity for you to avoid missing great opportunities.  Recognizing opportunities is very simple the evidence is the number of successful people around the world.

The following tips will help you to recognize great opportunities.

The idea that demand hard work is an opportunity.

You need to do a little bit of hard work for the idea to be successful, especially at the start. You need a lot of commitment. Easy things are always short term. What do I mean by easy?  Easy in terms of no risk, an easy idea that can be done by everybody and does not require you to put any effort especially at the start is a no go area and it will never be an opportunity. When you see yourself failing and starting again know that it’s an opportunity not to miss.

It has to be at the right time.

If the ideas fits well with the current situation   it’s a good sign that it will prosper. If you find yourself saying something like this “it will work in future, or this has worked in the past” then it is not an opportunity. An opportunity is something that allows you to start now and fits well now. It has to be at the right time , in the right place for the right people.

It has to be simple and gets you exited

A simple idea that allows you to see through it and keeps you going even if it’s tough is an opportunity not to be missed. When you feel discomfort and procrastinating it’s a perfect indication that you will never achieve your goals.  A real opportunity does not need you to change who you are. You have to use the skills that you have and grow on the expertise that you have.

It has to be a solution to a problem.

The creation of a solution to other people’s problems is a great opportunity.  People should feel you came at the right time. People should feel that you make their lives easier.  If people feel that they can survive without your idea or there is an alternative way despite your good idea, know that your idea will never work. A good opportunity attracts people.

Please bear in mind that opportunities are always under our feet. We don’t have to go anywhere all we need to do is recognize it


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