How do you know that the idea is good?

Here  are the  two factors  that you can use to test that your idea is good.  For a good  start these questions should be part of your market research.  If you answers are" yes" to both, good luck , you are on the right road to success. if your answers are  "no"  Start searching for [...]

Business!Start an Affordable Side Business

  Start a Side Business Are you tired of your 8 am to 5 pm job?  Do you feel that your hard work is not recognized? well Starting a side business could be a solution to your problems. I am saying a side business because you don’t have to leave your job before your business [...]

You Are Not Alone

Alone Have you ever find yourself asking these questions: How do I become an entrepreneur? Do I have what it takes to be successful? Well, you are not alone, almost all entrepreneurs ask themselves these questions, the truth is, this is a good sign that you are a dreamer but the problem is you are [...]